Madaraka Day Celebrations 2021: Devolving Mediation With CAMP Kenya Mediation

Madaraka Day Celebrations 2021: Devolving Mediation With CAMP Kenya Mediation

- As  Kenyans celebrate the 58th Madaraka Day, we explore ‘madaraka terminology’ and mediation.

County to County

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Siku ya Madaraka ni sikukuu ya kitaifa inayoadhimishwa kila Juni 1 ya kila mwaka katika Jamhuri ya Kenya. Ni kumbukumbu ya siku ya mwaka 1963 ambayo Kenya ilipata utawala wa kibinafsi baada ya kuwa koloni la Briteni tangu 1920. Madaraka ni neno la Kiswahili kwa "mamlaka, mamlaka ya kutawala". (Wikipedia (Kiswahili)).




Another term for self-government




1 Government of a country by its own people, especially after having been a colony.

2 Old-fashioned term for self-control




1 To determine (something) for oneself without external influence or control.

2 To determine one's own form of government or course of life; to practise self-determination.


(Self) Honour


1 High respect; great esteem.

2 The quality of knowing and doing what is morally right.

3 Something regarded as a rare opportunity and bringing pride and pleasure; a privilege.



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