Enhance Your 2021 Mediator Profile: Why Writing Is Important For Your Career As A Mediator

Enhance Your 2021 Mediator Profile:
Why Writing Is Important For Your Career As A Mediator
For professional mediators, the ability to clarify issues, refine one's ideas and communicate are non-negotiable attributes that require continuous cultivation. Writing holds the secret to enhancing your thinking and communication skills.
Many people associate writing with academic assessment, as a workplace job skill and within the society, as a speciality for the trained.
Writing bears good gifts to those who choose it; thinking and communication skills, makes one a better reader and improves the retention capacity. All this with a bonus - the possibility of becoming a better story teller!
As part of 'sharing voices from Africa on mediation', the 5R Group Writers is designed to hone the writing skills of pro mediators whether aspiring or expert writers through the exclusive writing time - 90 minutes weekly virtual community writing meetup.
As a weekly peer support meetup, you may enhance your professional mediator profile through writing articles, blogs, features, commentaries, doodling, drawing, stories, poetry, academic papers, public speaking notes and so much more.
Consider a boost to your mediation career through your writing. Join the writer mediators' at the upcoming writers sprint.
We are: Readers; Researchers; Speakers; Teachers; Writers. Which one do you identify with?
Mediators improve the lives of others.
As a mediation and dispute resolution professional, people want to hear from you. Many more people would choose mediation if they knew a little more about it. Because, communities get resolved when you get involved. - WASILIANAHUB
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  1. Tabitha Rutere on February 16, 2021 at 7:55 am

    Pls give us more details on this writing and mediation.

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