Submit Proposal To Canada Mediate BC Conflict Resolution Conference 2022 on Reimagining Spaces

WASILIANAHUB is pleased to announce that the Continuing Legal Education Society of BC (CLEBC), Mediate BC, and CoRe Conflict Resolution Society are co-presenting a one-day conflict resolution conference on October 27th, 2022. The overarching conference theme is “Reimagining Space(s)” and will include both invited speakers and opportunities for presentations from conflict resolution professionals from around…

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MEDIATION AFRICA FORUM (MAF) CONFLICT TRANSFORMATION SEPTEMBER CLEE SERIES 2022. MASTERCLASS TOPIC: Dealing With Repairing Broken Trust In The Mediation Chambers.  ‘Focus On The Values, Security and Permanence’   We consider trust the backbone of healthy relationships whether in friendships, family, in business or in organisations. Repair is associated with fixing something ‘such as a…

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MY WELLNE$$ SERIES   The focus on ‘My Wellness’ for the Effective Mediator at WASILIANAHUB  will enhance well-being – a state of living for practitioners,  in turn, their practice and positioning  which has ripple benefits evidenced in clients experiences and outcomes. WASILIANAHUB The seven core dimensions of wellness are interlinked, interdependent, and influence each other;…

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WASILIANAHUB MSMEs 2022 Survey on The Political Parties Electoral Disputes Resolution (EDR) Mechanisms in Kenya

QUESTIONNAIRE FOR MSMES – BUSINESS PEOPLE/TRADERS IN KENYA (This is an anonymous survey)   Dear Participant,    With Kenya’s elections slated for August 9th 2022, WASILIANAHUB is conducting a study on the engagement of business people in the Kenyan elections, specifically in relation to Political Parties; MSMEs Awareness of Political Parties Electoral Disputes Resolution (EDR)…

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WASILIANAHUB – Track 3 Course 1 FTD Skills The Effective Mediator April 2022

REGISTRATION OPEN UNTIL MONDAY, MAY 02, 2022 Join The Effective Mediator Facilitation and Training Development Skills (FTDS) Capacity Building Workshop For Community Mediators A 5-Weeks Virtual Capacity Building Workshop  By The Program on Conflict Transformation REGISTRATION OPEN UNTIL MONDAY, MAY 02, 2022 What if mediators collaborated to democratise justice and empower community members with basic…

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LEAD IN At The November 24 Hour LEAD IN Summit and Fellowship Inaugural Ignatian Lecture 2021

LEAD IN Summit and Fellowship Inaugural Ignatian Lecture 2021

THE NOVEMBER 24 HOUR LEAD IN SUMMIT 2021 REPLAY Click in the upper right corner for PLAYLIST↓ PROGRAM ON CONFLICT TRANSFORMATION The 5-Months Fellowship National Certificate for Mediators in Kenya Access The LEAD IN Summit Ignatian Lecture 2021 Fellowship Binder   November LEAD IN Summit:  Friday/Saturday, November 19/20, 2021.  Theme: LEAD IN Integration Weekend &…

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India Draft Mediation Bill 2021

Comments Invited To The India (Draft) Mediation Bill, 2021   Leave a Comment What are your views on the proposed ‘Mediation Fund’; the purposes of promotion, facilitation and encouragement of mediation under this Act? THE MEDIATION BILL, 2021  An Act to promote, encourage and facilitate mediation especially institutional mediation for resolution of disputes commercial and…

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Fellowship Assessment Day 2021 With Fellowship Coach Assessor William Agan (ADR Lecturer)

Session Available on Demand WASILIANAHUB: THE FELLOWSHIP ASSESSMENT DAY 2021  FELLOWSHIP COACH ASSESSOR: William Agan, ADR Lecturer. Session: Friday 05, October 2021 I Time: 11:00 AM. Replay: Congratulations as we get to the closing date at the Virtual Personal Development Course (PDC) in November 2021! Are you prepared to graduate successfully?   ‘Conflict transformation…

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